Danielle Lancashire

Spending the rest of the year taking a break from computers 💻 and doing a photography road trip around Andalusia ☀️📷🌴

I’d love recommendations for Gibraltar/Granada/Seville/Córdoba if anyone has them!

The sun setting over the sea, a palm tree in the foreground and a cloud rolling in.

Berlin does have a haunting charm. 📸.

I think switching a lot of my photography to black and white / spending more time roaming around the east is making me find bits of this city that I like, even in the Winter.

A black and white scene of the entrance to a building. In the foreground are curved steps, leading to a fence and an abandoned childrens scooter. In front of the entrance is a white gravelly texture, and to the side a lattice of windows with a view of empty halls.

📸. Photography in the winter is hard, but there’s a definite allure to winter skies ☁️.

A contrasty sky over a berlin skyline of east berlin apartment blocks and the TV tower

I made it outside with my 500C/M today - despite recovering from a flu+covid double vax 💉💉.

I forgot how good shooting film is for my brain. Time for some moody b/w to go alongside Berlin’s overcast season 😅

I think I would like to switch back to a split #keyboard for the majority of my work typing but I can’t decide if I should just buy a moonlander (easy, decent software guaranteed) or if i should investigate the current state of funky hipster split diy designs 😅

We re-watched Legally Blonde last night and honestly I’m still amazed by how well that movie aged.

Even with some of the plot points that many others failed to do well, not a single scene needs “ah but it was of its time!!!” excuses for bigotry - and 22 years later still manages to be… comforting?

I love visiting zoos when traveling - today is London Zoo, where the Lemurs were being incredibly friendly 😅

A close up shot of a lemur on a wall. The lemur is looking off to the right of the frame at a 30ish degree angle so you can just see both eyes.

I find it hard to photograph Berlin, so finding quiet spaces is always appreciated.

A black and white photograph of an angled window. The primary window runs at an angle from the top right to the bottom left of the frame. The windows are scratched and dirty. Their are many reflections of people walking, other buildings and benches. The window to the left that acts as a roof has patterns caused by the falling of light through trees. It invokes a slightly uncomfortable feeling through the grunginess.

#NichtMitUns In times like these it feels like a moral imperative to protest against those who take their marginal plurality and use it to fuel their attempts at a culture war.

The CDU and their SPD collaborators want to scrap bike lanes and build a highway through the city - we say no.

A snapshot of a bike protest, the focal point is a sign that reads “Verkehrswende Jetzt”

Sometimes a hike isn't what you'd expect.

A rocky trail lined with dead and bare trees. The photo is black and white. It leaves a feeling of sad melancholy. As you look closer you see cairns built from loose rocks on dead stumps and stripped bark.

This recent trip to Brocken/Harz National Park was definitely one of those where the joy was drained out of you. They kill many of the lower trees and just… leave them to rot… to “protect” nearby commercial forests from bugs - and this is the result 😔.

A tight shot of dead trees, some still standing, some fallen. In the distance you can see some new-growth trees with a little life to them. A rocky trail lined with dead and bare trees. The photo is black and white. It's hard to believe it was taken in the middle of summer, as even the standing trees are bare.